Lionsbet Betting

How to Register at Lionsbet Betting

LionsBet is one of the foremost popular bookmaker’s in Nigeria, and Zambia. Having been founded in 2016, LionsBet is among the most recent entries within the world of betting. LionsBet is headquartered on the website Victoria Island, Lagos, and holds a full betting license from within the Lagos State Lotteries Board and shall be governed by a corresponding. The bookmaker represents the hottest instead of the number of football marketplaces it has provided for it. That being said, the aim of this review isn’t to measure whether LionsBet may be a good platform or not, as this is often an already established fact. The purpose of this review on the opposite hand is to work out whether the bookmaker ticks all the proper boxes when it involves you choosing a bookmaker.

Registration Process

register at Lionsbet Betting
  • Step:1 Simple registration process
  • Step:2 You can log in to your account as soon as you are registered with
  • Step:3 You will get the “Low Balance”, and “100% Welcome Bonus” messages, on your post section
  • Step:4 KYC may well be requested, while you are withdrawing financial resources from LionsBet

As quickly as possible once you have opened the bookmaker’s website, you will be redirected to the page which appears like the above referred to the image. You must select your country of residence and then choose the device which you are currently using. As quickly as possible you select an option for the two categories, you will be transferred to the bookmaker’s website, the automatic. You can register at LionsBet as soon as you are on the bookmaker’s website. You must click on the “Register” button, present at the top right of your screen. As soon as you click on this button, you’ll be redirected to a page, which seems like the image below mentioned.

When the bookmaker’s registration page opens, you must enter all relevant details. You must choose a unique Username and Password for yourself. You must also enter your Email, First Name, Middle Name (If Any), Last Name, Date of Birth, State, and Mobile Number. Your mobile number must be ten digits long, and you do not need to enter a Promo Code. Tick the “accept rules” box, and therefore the “register” option, to make sure that your personal detail is registered on the bookmaker. That having been said, LionsBet may be a safe and secure platform, and you would want to not be concerned about miscreants revealing personal information about you abusing it. As soon as you have entered all necessary details correctly, click on the “SIGN UP” button, present at the bottom of the registration page. As soon when you click on this button, the below referred to in the pop-up box will be displayed on your computer screen.

At this stage, you will log in to your LionsBet account. You will have two messages on your communication section, which is to introduce you to the left of the “Deposit” possibility, in the top right-hand corner of your computer screen. One message pertains to you having a low balance, while the other pertains to your 100% welcome offer. At this stage, you will prefer to either deposit funds into your account or first gauge the varied markets at the offer, at LionsBet.